Ken Lumbis
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Ken Lumbis Bio and Exhibition History


My professional career has primarily followed a pathway in biological disciplines. I spent many years as a biologist studying small bird and waterfowl populations. Throughout this period, however, I was always involved in artistic endeavours that were informed by bird and habitat observations across western Canadian rural and wilderness landscapes.  The opportunity to observe these lands from both the air and ground allowed me to develop an appreciation for the juxtaposition of different habitats and land forms as well as their textures and colours throughout the seasons.


While the biologist in me may have been focusing on the science of the landscapes, the artist side of me was focusing on the beautiful abstract nature of the natural environment. For many years, I have drawn on this reserve of images to develop both representational and abstract works, primarily in stained glass and photography. My stained glass designs naturally focused on the beauty of birds and the settings they were found in.  Photography also focused on capturing wildlife. The abstract, organic aspects of nature however, were always part of my photographic endeavours. I still maintain a darkroom and enjoy the hands on aspects of film photography.


During the last few years, I have broadened my artistic pursuits to include clay sculpture and pit-firing techniques. Pit firing represents an intriguing exploration of probabilities. The application of various materials and fire create organic patterns across a ceramic landscape. It is always exciting to uncover a piece from the ashes and to see if the firing has produced the anticipated effects.


Having enjoyed a successful career as a biologist I was able to more fully pursue my interest in the arts by working for the Grande Prairie Regional College as the studio technician for the Fine Arts Department and was in this position for 5 years. I have now decided to take time to develop my art and practice and have more fully developed a home studio.




Alberta Craft Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

Grant Berg Gallery, Grande Prairie, Alberta



Selected for Swanavon School's 50th anniversary commemorative project; Grande Prairie, October 16, 2007; “Swanavon School”: 33” x 60” stained glass/copper foil panel



Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation; 2016

Alexander Forbes Public, Grande Prairie, AB; 2020



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“ART OF THE PEACE”, Fall 2015: Featured Artist

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“Alberta Craft”, Alberta Craft Council; May 6-August 19, 2017

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Sale of original ceramics and stained glass panels to private collections (ongoing) 

Grande Prairie Regional College: Fine Arts Studio Technician (Jan 2012-April 2017)

Art of the Peace Visual Art”s Association, Vice-President (past)

Art Gallery of Grande Prairie: Technician (current)

Art Gallery of Grande Prairie: Board Treasurer (current)
Albeta Craft Council, professional member

Citizens of Craft member